Meet The Future of Materials! Ahoy Rotterdam 13-15 March

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 10:30 to Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 17:30

Textile made from pineapple leaves, massaging clothing, dresses made from fungus… During Material Xperience 2018 (13-15 March in Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands) designers will fancy themselves in the future!

With an extensive speaker programme, put together along with Marina Toeters (Design and Research in Fashion Technology at, a large collection of materials from the independent Materia collection and fascinating fashion related exhibition pieces, Material Xperience is once again a source of inspiration!

Which trends does Materia see within the sector Fashion?

The fashion industry is – after the energy sector – the most polluting industry and is responsible for approximately 10% of CO2-emissions. On top of this, the production of clothing for one household costs a thousand bathtubs of water, and the working conditions in low wage countries are abominable. Preservation, good working conditions, recycling, reuse, and upcycling are therefore trends in the fashion industry.


Besides these trends, material innovation of work clothes and sport items is growing through the application of smart materials, adding functions such as anti-transparency, medication, anti-radiation, odourless, self-cleaning, fireproof, or shape memory. E-textiles are getting better, because the development is taking place within the fibres. 3D printing is taking off in making accessories, shoes, and even complete outfits. Coatings and prints are not only aesthetic, but also functional, adding waterproofness, fireproofness, or even the ability to generate energy, changing colour or texture, the use of communication, or adapting insulation.

What can the fashion professional expect at Material Xperience?

This year visitors can look forward to an impressive 6 independent Materia exhibitions. There will be 6 pavilions on the exhibition floor, containing large exhibition pieces and installations from each sector. Materials from the independent Materia collection. During this three-day event, Materia will show the newest materials from its independent collection, which were scouted during the past year.

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Material Xperience
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